Lost in Science is a weekly half hour radio program of science news and discussion. It’s recorded in the studios of 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne and distributed Australia-wide on the Community Radio Network.


Beth studied microbiology and biochemistry at university, then went on to study forestry as well. Not wanting to be a forester, she went into science communication, which she’s now been doing for a couple of years. She’s interested in environmental science and the world around us, new technologies and how we adapt to use them, and why humans do the things we do.

Chris always wanted to be a scientist, so when he went to university he studied maths and physics, eventually earning a PhD in quantum field theory. He is currently a science writer, and has two other blogs at astrocave.com and bellsinequality.wordpress.com.

Stuart started out as an apprentice gardener, but found more interest in the science of horticulture than mowing lawns. He went on to study horticulture, eventually focussing on biology and ecology, and later still molecular genetics. Most recently he was lecturer in those subjects, as well as soil science, and IT, amongst other things. He too has another blog at The Garden Doctor