Citizen science

Citizen Science is a term for projects that let non-specialists contribute to research.

The following list is a work in progress – please leave a comment at the bottom if you’d like to recommend a project.

Atlas of Living Australia

A repository of information on all the known species of plants, animals and fungi in Australia. Citizen scientists can contribute by submitting sightings of plants and animals, joining one of the many sub-projects, or helping to develop the FieldData open-source software.

Great Koala Count

Part of the Atlas of Living Australia, this project tracks koalas in South Australia and New South Wales.


The Range Extension Database and Mapping project uses photographs submitted by members of the public­­ ­- typically divers and commercial or recreational fishers – and verified by marine biologists to track how the distributions of marine species change as the oceans warm.

Explore the Seafloor

Started in National Science Week 2013, members of the public identify marine species in photos taken by robotic underwater vehicles. Many have been identified, but a kelp project is still underway, trying to find where kelp forests are and how deep they go to determine the impact of warming waters and invasive sea urchins.

Galaxy Zoo

Identifying types of galaxies captured in photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. This is one of the oldest Zooniverse projects, going since 2007, and its volunteers have classified over 60 million galaxies.

Cockatoo Wingtag

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney has tagged Sulphur-crested cockatoos with individual numbers and are asking the public to contact them by email or Facebook if they see one.


Created by Museum Victoria and the Atlas of Living Australia, this site allows experts and non-experts to record biological sightings and identify others’ sightings.

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