Hot weather disproves climate change… Wait, what?

Happy 2012 to all you Lost in Scientists!

Here in Melbourne it’s been a sweltering start to the new year, hitting 40 degrees on 2 January. Of course, you can’t blame isolated spells of hot weather on climate change alone, as temperatures will always fluctuate around long-term changes in the mean (although extremes, particularly on the hot end, are expected to become more frequent).

But still, even though we’re all familiar with the tabloid notion that winter disproves global warming, the readers of the Herald Sun seem convinced that summer makes a good counter-argument too:

At last, summer. It used to go for months, now we get weeks. “Climategate” sure exposed the frauds.
(Note: it’s January)

It’s summer, not climate change. We’ve had 40 degree days every year for years.

One day of 40 degrees … it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Deal with it like people have for years.

The most at-risk are the pensioners who can’t afford their electricity bills. The carbon tax will only make things worse. Global warming is a scam … 40 degrees is not unusual.

And my favourite:

We’re told this is the hottest start to summer in over 100 years. Does that mean it has been hotter in the past – before airconditioning and maybe even before global warming?

Yes, I know I should find something better to read – but give me a break, I’m on holiday!

Regular coverage will resume shortly…


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