Well they don’t call him Bob the Physicist

As a special pre-Halloween treat, this week on Lost in Science we’ll be talking about science in the movies.

Just as a taste, have a look at this clip from a popular children’s television program (sorry, but the embedding is disabled).

In case you didn’t watch it, here’s a transcript:

(Sound of thunder)

“Oh, dear me. One elephant, two elephant, three elephant, four elephant, five elephant, six elephant, seven elephant, eight elephant… Oh!”

“Um, why are you counting elephants, Bob?”

“No, I’m counting how many seconds there are between the thunder rolling and the lightning flashing. It takes one second to say ‘elephant’. There were eight seconds, which means the storm’s only eight miles away!”

I don’t think there’s much more to add. Although maybe I should cut Bob some slack: after all, he is trying to explain it to a bulldozer.


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