Attack of the plant people

Stem cells can divide and multiply to form any kind of specialised cells. This means that they can, theoretically, be used to grow any kind of tissue, and so they have great potential for future medical treatments.

Could they also be used for cosmetic purposes, to rejuvenate damaged skin? Well, probably not if you’re human, and the stem cells come from… an apple.

Cellugen® Ultra Night Repair Cream from Skin Physics
Cellugen® Ultra Night Repair cream from Skin Physics, containing stem cells from the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple

Yes, Cellugen® Ultra Night Repair, the new cream, sorry, “complex”, from a company called “Skin Physics”, contains “Regenetec”, made from apple stem cells (I feel like I’m burning up my quotation mark quota here).

Now, although I said stem cells have the potential to become any other type of cell, I really should have specified from the same species. Apple cells are not going to turn into human skin cells, even if they do come from the skin of the apple. Or the stem.

Of course, the “scientists” at Skin Physics recommend using Cellugen® Ultra Night Repair along with their PHOTON photo-rejuvenation device, which uses light to “boost cellular energy”. So maybe they do believe we’re some sort of plant people who can photosynthesise.

Another breakthrough from the world of “cosmeceuticals”.

UPDATE: This groundbreaking research was published in an ad in that famous journal, Sunday Life from the Sunday Age, where the source of the stem cells was identified as “a rare Swiss apple known as Malus Domestica.” Except of course, Malus domestica is the species name for all common apples. But that’s okay, they’re not botanists, they’re skin physicists.


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